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How it Works

Answer the multiple choice question for a competition.

Buy one or more tickets from the limited ticket pool.

The winner will be announced once the live draw takes place.


The number of tickets available will be clearly stated in the competition details and determined by the value of the car.

The ticket price for each competition is €20 per ticket regardless of the value of the car.

Once a competition starts it will run for 14 days. We will allow a maximum of two rollovers of 14 days to occur if all tickets are not purchased. A competition will run for a maximum duration of six weeks. If tickets sell out before the 14 days are up we aim to hold the draw as soon as possible. All entrants and registered users will be notified by email the day before the live draw takes place.

If the competition closes and all tickets have not been purchased a live draw will still take place to choose a winner. The winner will receive the total value of the money raised through ticket sales minus 30% for administrative and marketing costs. This will be paid to the winner via EFT or cheque.

On the day of the draw a live stream will be provided on our Facebook page where the winning ticket number will be chosen at random and announced. All winner's names and photos of them receiving the car/cash prize will be posted on our website and Facebook.

Fairness and transparency of our competitions are of the utmost importance to us in order to establish a trusting community of website users. The day before a live draw takes place we will publish on our website the full list of ticket holders showing ticket holder names and corresponding ticket numbers for the competition.

The winning ticket number is chosen using Google's native random number generator during the live stream. We will also display the current time and date using Google's native date time API and confirm with some viewers of the live draw on Facebook.

The competitions are open to any resident of the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland who are 18 years old or over.

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